Every Friday at 7pm, the Hillman Accelerator is open for you.

Creation. Community. Collaboration.

Stay Connected

What To Expect


Connect with other ambitious individuals in a variety of different fields. Gain access to other perspectives and brainstorm for your passion projects. 9/10 there is someone available who has had some skin in the field, no cost to you.


It’s hard to make time for your projects and even yourself. Get the chance to attend free live classes for various topics, discuss dreams, or even toss around ideas

Pizza And Beer

Hey, It’s Friday, we’re here to relax, vibe, and even get work done. What’s Friday without a cold brew and not having to worry about dinner plans. Plain and simple!

On Your Time

There is no commitment necessary, Friday should flow, and that’s just how it goes. We are located downtown, on the riverfront in close proximity to popular local bars and night clubs. Smale Park provides a great view and a short bridge walk over to Covington where there are also local breweries and bars.


Taron Foxworth

Gilbert King